Capital raising mistakes #1 Starting too late!
When do you need the money?”. He replied “In 2-4 weeks, no later than that or the deal will be gone!”
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Project Management
The vast number of contacts and relationships that need management and nurturing are difficult to handle without a structured and well organised process.
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Coaching & Consulting
Getting support for a capital raising campaign is key for the success of a every capital seeker.
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Giving investors access to boutique investment managers
Offering capital seekers guidance and support

Leaving you fully informed and totally understood

Finding the right investment manager can sometimes be like finding a pin in a haystack. There are many investment manager but selecting the one you'll be comfortable working with is the challenge in the process.

Whether you have already writen down a process to identify your investment partners or it's just in your mind - investors usually know intuitively what they want. We can help them setting their criteria, getting it on paper and finding the right investment manager or the right investment.

The same applies to capital seekers. Being different and standing out is easier said than done. Many capital seekers operate on a "anyone with capital is welcome" basis. The problem with that is "if you want to attract anyone you're gone attract no one".

Making the effort and carving out a profile requires critical self-assessment and often a view from outside the box. Whether it be through vision and culture or the way you manage resources and investment cycles - standing out is a crucial first step before starting a capital raising campaign. We can help you with that.